3 Easy Ways to Earn, Maximise and Redeem Your LinkPoints

Check out a world of delights and surprises!

If you’re looking to make your everyday dollar work as hard as you do, look no further than NTUC Link’s Plus! Rewards Programme!

We know how hard you work for yourself and your loved ones every day. However, there’s also nothing better than having that little boost to stretch more of your hard-earned dollar…and the Plus! Rewards Programme can help you with just that!

With the Plus! Rewards Programme, you can easily accumulate LinkPoints alongside spend on both the daily essentials and small luxuries with selected partners. Once you have accumulated enough LinkPoints, you can then begin to redeem compelling and rewarding offers with more than 1,200 participating outlets islandwide!

Are you getting excited already? We can’t wait to let you in on more information about the Plus! Rewards Programme, and what more you can use LinkPoints for! Read on for 3 easy ways to earn, maximise and redeem LinkPoints for a more rewarding life you’ll love!

  • Accumulate LinkPoints easily with your daily spend!

    Whether you’re making the daily grocery run or pumping the car up with petrol, these small expenses can really add up. As a Plus! member, you can earn LinkPoints on daily essentials across selected categories! This is particularly easy when it can be earned and redeemed at Plus! partners you may already frequent. Simply present your Plus! card to enjoy LinkPoints, exclusive cardmember privileges and more!

    Explore our wide variety of Plus! partners you can earn LinkPoints with in this blog post here.
  • Download the Plus! app to manage your LinkPoints at a glance!
check your LinkPoints on the Plus! app

Long gone are the days where you hold up the long queue by having to ask, “What’s my LinkPoints balance ah?” to the employee manning the cashier. With the Plus! app, you can now manage your LinkPoints transaction history—both earned and redeemed!

Haven’t downloaded our Plus! app yet? If you’re an existing Plus! member, simply register your membership card’s details once you are prompted to do so.  If you’re a new sign-up, provide your personal details to register for an account and receive your free Plus! membership card! Once you’re done, learn more about how to maximise your benefits as a member on the Plus! app here.

  • Exchange any unused miles for LinkPoints and vice versa!
convert unused miles to LinkPoints

Do you have any unused miles or hotel points expiring soon? Convert them into LinkPoints through Plus! Exchange! You can enjoy more savings on your daily expenses when you choose to convert to LinkPoints.

On the other hand, travel the world by converting LinkPoints into our travel partners Asia Miles, Park Hotel Group’s Park Rewards, and AirAsia’s BIG Points [1]! If you are quick to make a successful conversion as well, you could be one of the first 300 Plus! members to get 500 bonus LinkPoints [2]! The promotion ends this month, so you’ve only got a few more days to make your points go the extra mile. Get on it before it goes, pronto!

Save more money to enjoy more of what makes your life more rewarding! As a Plus! member, you get to enjoy a world of delights and surprises filled with exclusive perks and privileges! For more information on how to earn, maximise and redeem your LinkPoints!
visit the Plus! Rewards Programme website here.

[1] Conversion rates for each partner differs. Air Asia only permits one-way conversion from LinkPoints to BIG Points. For more information on Plus! Exchange, click here.

[2] Each Plus! member will only receive 500 LinkPoints once for the entire duration of the campaign. This is applicable for either way of conversion.

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