4 Tips on How To Redeem LinkPoints with Our Partners

You’ve got all your hard-earned LinkPoints from all your shopping adventures in check. From fashion, travel and lifestyle needs and wants, check out how to redeem more of what you love with our partners!

We’ve already dished some tips on how you can easily earn LinkPoints on your daily spend with the Plus! Rewards Programme. With your earned LinkPoints, however, you don’t get just boring ‘ole rewards and offers to redeem!

As a Plus! member, you can redeem great rebates and discounts on daily essentials across the NTUC Social Enterprises collective to cover both you and your loved ones’ needs. However, if you’d like, you can also redeem a much-needed premium car wash at Caltex, or vouchers for a discount to nosh down at the likes of JP Pepperdine’s Jack’s Place and more!

Ready to redeem your way to a more rewarding life? Read on for 4 tips on how you can begin redeeming your LinkPoints to enjoy more out of life with our wide range of partners!

  • Spruce up your life with discounts galore!
discounts with Plus!

While there’s joy to be found in purchasing décor and essentials for your humble abode online, it can be a hit or miss situation. It is difficult to judge quality from photos alone! Whether you’re seeking for the plushest bed or sofa, you can ease up on such worries with our newest partner VHIVE. With various retail stores at convenient locations islandwide, VHIVE offers well-designed items that you can actually touch and experience for yourself in-store. You’ll find that their wide range of items blend function and aesthetics at an affordable price, too!

As a Plus! member, you can earn 5 LinkPoints for every $1 spend at VHIVE. Subsequently, once you have accumulated enough, you can choose to offset every $1 on your total bill with 150 LinkPoints! Currently, you can also enjoy an additional 5% on top of an existing 10% storewide discount to fast-track your home improvement plans now!

  • Bag a beauty and fashion revamp online!
shop with Plus!

Besides redeeming vouchers to shop with your favourite brands in-store, you can also redeem them at a discount to use with well-loved local fashion and beauty brands! At local women’s fashionwear brands Ellysage and Purpur, you can redeem a $20 e-Voucher to spend for just 2,400 LinkPoints ($16), and a $10 e-Voucher for 1,200 LinkPoints ($8) respectively!

If you want to primp and preen instead, you can redeem a $20 e-Voucher for just 1500 LinkPoints ($10) on Vaniday. Yes, you read that number right—that’s an amazing 50% discount! With over 800 participating salons and peer reviews on Vaniday, you’ll want to find and book your next beauty appointment now!

  • Offset the cost of your groceries!
offset your groceries with Plus!

Many of us are aware of the benefits of a Plus! card at NTUC FairPrice—one of which includes earning LinkPoints. However, you can also choose to redeem LinkPoints to offset the cost of your groceries at NTUC FairPrice! Just remember that 150 LinkPoints still equals to $1 redemption value across all NTUC FairPrice stores [1] islandwide. So that means, for example, that a redemption of 900 LinkPoints can shave $6 off your on your regular supermarket runs!  

  • Get pumped with more savings on car petrol and maintenance!
save on petrol with Plus!

The best part? You can continue redeeming these rewards again and again as long as you meet the deal requirements. This means that you can have as many car washes as you would like, when you like [2]! Talk about great value for money (and your LinkPoints)!

For more information on how you can redeem, well, more with your LinkPoints, visit the Plus! Rewards Programme website here.

[1] LinkPonts redemption is not available with FairPrice On. Click here for detailed terms and conditions.

[2] This Plus! rewards voucher can only be used from 8:00am – 8:00pm. It is not valid on the Eve of Public Holidays and Public Holidays. Click here for detailed terms and conditions of use.

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