4 Tips to Make the Best Use of Your Plus! app

Have you always wanted to independently manage your LinkPoints, as well as ensure there is enough balance to redeem exciting rewards and offers with your favourite partners?

With the Plus! app, we’re bringing you even more of the things you love at your fingertips! You can still enjoy treats from your favourite partners spanning a wide range of categories, such as Texas Chicken, Andersen’s of Denmark Ice Cream, FairPrice On, ZALORA and more. Frequent app-exclusive deals and innovative redemption promotions will also help you to really maximise your privileges as a valued Plus! member.

Whether you’ve already started or just begun your journey on the Plus! app, read on to learn more about 4 tips and tricks on how you can fully enjoy a world of more delights and surprises!

  • Find your favourite partners near you faster!

The Plus! app makes it much easier to find your favourite partners offering the best deals near you. All you have to do is download and open the Plus! app on your phone, then tap on “Plus! Partners” at the bottom of the Discover page. Another tap on the little map icon at the top right hand of the subsequent screen will enable you to have a birds-eye view on a detailed map of all the closest outlets near you.

location proximity on the Plus! app

For example, you can find the nearest Texas Chicken outlets by filtering according to the category it is in (e.g. Food & Beverage):

  • Identify which partners offer digital stamp cards and/or deals!

Under “Plus! Partners” on the Discover page, you can see how many outlets each of our partners has and an icon indicating whether they have deal and/or stamp card promotions available for you. For example, Rattana Thai Restaurant has 2 deals and 1 stamp card, while Kueh Ho Jiak has 1 deal and 1 stamp card (both circled in red below):

digital stamp cards and/or deals on the Plus! app
  • Manage your LinkPoints balance at a glance!

    If you are already a Plus! member holding onto a card, the Plus! app can help you to easily visualise and manage LinkPoints activity on it—both earned and redeemed—at a glance! To access it, you can spot your current LinkPoints balance at the top right hand of the ‘Discover’ a just below the QR Code scanner. You can even tap on ‘See my transactions’ to view a detailed breakdown of your LinkPoints transaction history for up to the past three months!
  • Earn and Redeem LinkPoints for instant savings!

    With the Earn and Redeem LinkPoints feature on the Plus! app, you can enjoy more savings when you transact with selected partners [1]! Simply put, you can earn LinkPoints back for LinkPoints you choose to redeem and offset any purchase!

Here’s another tip for you! Identify partners offering QR code enabled services for this Earn and Redeem LinkPoints feature below so you can easily scan your way to more savings:

QR code enabled on the Plus! app

Haven’t downloaded our Plus! app yet? If you’re an existing Plus! member, simply register your card when you are prompted to do so.  If you’re a new sign-up, provide your personal details to register for an account and receive your free Plus! membership card! However, if you did not purchase or receive a card directly from us, you can also easily sign up for and register your membership on the Plus! app!

Make rewards better! Download the Plus! app here now.

[1] Applies only to selected partners such as After Hours, Jew Kit Chicken Rice, My Little Ice Cream Shop, Naiise and more.

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