7 Simple Ways to Celebrate Earth Day with Your Family All Week

Adopting eco-friendly practices does not have to be boring. In fact, it can be fun! Get your family grooving to the beat of this modern environmental movement!

On April 22, 1970, the first Earth Day rallied more than 20 million Americans from all walks of life to protest the impact of industrialisation on climate change. Nearly half a decade on, Earth Day has grown into an annual celebration on that exact date!  To further inspire awareness of and protection for the environment, the Earth Day Network continues to coordinate a variety of events across 200 million people in more than 193 countries worldwide.  

Let’s get eco-conscious together in Singapore! Read on for 7 simple ways to celebrate Earth Day with the family all week!

1. Monday – Compost your breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Start Earth Day off on the right foot by composting, well…the right food! Leftover food scraps from your family meals together are great for this. However, remember to collect only the right food scraps: avoid fish and meat, as well as citrus peels and onions. The former can attract unwanted pests, particularly if you’re using it for indoor plants, while the latter can kill other crucial microorganisms and slow down the decomposition of your compost pile. Once you have collected enough food scraps, you can use the compost as the most nutrient-dense fertiliser the way nature intended!

2. Tuesday – Green thumbs for a greener future!

world earth day

In preparation for their 50th anniversary in 2020, the Earth Day Network hopes for 7.8 billion trees to be planted by the next year. If you can, take the pledge to plant a tree with your family! If you are unable to do so, don’t fret — you can start a fruit and vegetable garden or a small herb patch on your kitchen counter. Every little effort helps; more green thumbs for a greener future indeed!

3. Wednesday – Bring out your reusable containers to “tapao” food!

While you feast on the amazing dining deals in the Plus!’s rewards catalogue, remember to always have a small container or two on hand to “tapao” any food. While restaurants usually don’t charge for takeaway packaging, food courts and hawker centres usually will. Such a conscious effort, no matter how simple, can help towards saving the environment!  

4. Thursday – Transition into taking five-minute showers!  

Despite being lauded by many for its benefits for your health and the environment, the thought of a cold shower can send shivers down your spine. Instead, challenge your family to use a timer and limit their daily showers to five minutes. In doing this, almost 45 litres of water can be saved!

5. Friday – Switch off your air conditioning!

According to the National Environment Agency (NEA), air-conditioning accounts for nearly half of the electricity bill of the average Singaporean household! Switch it off for the week and use the fan instead, which consumes less power. Less power means more savings for you and your family!

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6. Saturday – Go electricity-free for a day!

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Last month, we switched off our lights for an hour or more to commemorate Earth Hour (30 March). Let’s bring it up a notch for Earth Day by going electricity-free for an entire day! Yes, this means switching off the lights — as well as phones, computers and television screens. Kick off your valuable weekend connecting with your loved ones!

7. Sunday – Schedule regular fun outdoor activities!

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It’s easy to do these 7 simple ways to celebrate Earth Day with the family all week! Let us know if your family will be taking on these challenges! If you have any eco-friendly tips of your own, please also share them with us in the comments section below.

For more information on Earth Day, visit Earth Day Network’s official website here.

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